Virtual realities project a human presence into a created and programmed virtual space through the use of electronic technics like a mouse or wired gloves.

The intricate and visual 3D online environments, like ‘Second Life,’ are a modern example of the commonly associated types of programs this technology can produce. A simulation of a reality which is more controlled than our own, allowing maximum feelings of power to the user.

Augmented reality technologies often take what is around us and commodity, morph and compartmentalize it and put it back together with helpful software. Making simulations of our environments that are more useful, easy to understand or free of issues that are time consuming.

These alternate realities help us problem solve with actual reality and sidestep the road blocks that keep us from connecting. Whether they are mental or physical barriers, we’re contending with. AR, on an individual level, gives us an awareness of where exactly and how we fit into the social world.

Being an active part of these apps/spaces is like us shouting, “I want to know me and I want others to know me as well!” Spaces, like Facebook, allow us to expand our nets of communication and our perceived selves’.

It combines an aspect of the environment with technology to supplement human accuracy and complement our movement and/or function through it. GPS monitors are an example of commonly utilised tech which fits into the augmented reality context.

The layering of data over each other and itself allows for a closer and more complete simulation of life. Drell says, that Augmented reality, “technology has promise as an urban utility,” and this is an accurate way of talking about how such technologies are being adapted into modern lives.

GPS techs are now highly developed and are not confined to the road map direction function. AR is beyond helpful to travellers making cities almost immediately familiar, “AR has great potential to transform our cities and the way we learn and discover within them.” (Drell,2012)

Image: http://mashable.com/2012/12/19/augmented-reality-city/

Refs: Drell, Lauren (2012) ‘7 Ways Augmented Reality Will Improve Your Life’,


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